LPT Remote

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Developer: Titansan Engineering Inc.
249.99 USD

"LPT Remote" is a remote control for laser hardware from Laser Projection Technologies (LPT). LPT Remote requires the software RayTracerCAD and a LPT laser projector.

LPT lasers are used in Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Construction Equipment and other industries for manufacturing, assembly guidance and laser templating applications.

RayTacerCAD software extends the LPT laser to:
** Create composite ply layups and core placements (replacing mylar templates and hard ply alignment tools).
** Orient and validate 3D component or part placement,
** Assemble large objects with verification (such as vehicle and structural assemblies),
** In-process identification of part features (such as drilled holes),
** in process cutting or trimming,
** In-process detection of FOD (foreign object and debris),
** Post-process identification of out-of-tolerance zones,
** Indication of edge of part,
** Identification of invisible sub-structure parts or hidden components, and
** Paint masking and templating.

LPT Remote enables the user to:
** Automatically align the laser to the work area,
** Start and stop the projection,
** identify and view parts in a list format, and
** Switch between part projections.